e-skills Report: “Career Analysis into Cyber Security: New & Evolving Occupations”

Earlier this year Alderbridge collaborated with e-skills in a report examining the pathways into Cyber Security careers in the UK. By focussing on specifically targeted job roles within the Information Security sector the report provides a detailed industry profile, including information on qualifications held by information security professionals and the routes they had taken to arrive in their latest role.

The report noted that there is a need for improved entry into the information security industry, as only 7% of industry professionals are placed in the 20-29 age range, with those in higher age groups taking a bigger proportion of roles. This supports the finding that almost a third of professionals moved from general IT or non-IT roles to their latest security role, showing that breaking into the industry is particularly tough for today’s graduates and young professionals embarking on their career.

The report also supported the long term assumption that IT and Information Security is lacking in female professionals, with only 10% of non-commercial roles being filled by women.

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